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Med-Tech & Red River Valley Fine Art Gallery

12th in a series of stories about local Waurika businesses. Shop local and invest your tax dollars where we live, work and play.

Med-Tech Corporation

Med-Tech Corporation, owned by Dale and Janelle Rochell, is located at 111 N Main Street in Waurika.  It is largest durable medical equipment dealer in Southwest Oklahoma. They also have locations in Branson, Missouri.  Med-Tech continues to grow. Invacare Corporation, the largest supplier of home medical equipment in the U.S., named them as forty-second among the nation’s top fifty dealers of durable medical equipment.

“Med-Tech’s mission is multi-pronged, but overall we strive to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers receiving respiratory, durable medical and rehabilitation equipment in-home or in assisted living quarters,” Dale Rochelle stated. “We want to provide these products and services with the highest respect for the medical, emotional, psychological and social needs of the customers we serve, as well as their families. It’s very important to our entire team that we treat all our customers with genuine care and respect.”

Many of the Med-Tech team members have been with the company for many years and all have deep experience in healthcare. “Half our staff has been with us over 15 years and the other half bring over 20 years’ experience in healthcare. We all enjoy serving our customers,” Dale stated.

They have their own in-house billing department and are providers for Medicare, Medicaid, and all private insurance Companies. They have staff on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They take pride in servicing what they sell and have board certified licensed pedorthist on staff that do all the diabetic shoe fittings. “Often we can provide same-day delivery and we ship anywhere in the U.S. Our commitment is serving excellence in health care needs,” Dale said. They are licensed in all 50 states.

“We service what we sell and we deliver to patient’s homes or living centers and help educate our customers on their medical equipment needs as well as to their family. In total, we have more than 60 years’ experience in this field,” Dale explained.

Dale thinks it’s important to participate in the Chamber of Commerce because Chambers across America are the heartbeat of rural America and help keep all businesses moving forward.

“We are the only business in town that hopes you don’t need us, but when you do, we are here to help and to make sure you receive the quality care that makes you understand that you made the right decision by not going anywhere else for the services and care that we provide,” Dale concluded.

Med-Tech Owner and staff


111 N Main – (580) 228-2100

Red River Valley Fine Art Gallery

The Red River Valley Fine Art Gallery at 124 S Main in Waurika is owned by Jerry and Dee McMahan. Jerry and Dee purchased the building two years ago and turned it into a fine art gallery in the front and a boutique featuring women’s clothing in the back. Dee’s eye for art, design and merchandising is apparent throughout the building.

The Gallery is unique because it offers original art from local artists.  Dee McMahan’s photography is the primary focus of artwork on display and sold;  however, other artists such as Byers, Texas Bronze artist, Tom Roberts; Wichita Falls jewelry artisan, Janice Scanlan (who has family roots in Clay County, Tx); and handmade cards by Waurika resident, Vicki Etheridge.

“Until about two years ago, I never actually considered myself a photographer, much less a fine art photographer,” Dee explained. “I am always the first to acknowledge that there are many photographers who take better pictures than I do.”

Dee’s interest in photography began in January 2009 when she retired as Executive Director of the Noah Project, Inc. a center of care for victims of family violence and sexual assault in Abilene, Texas. “Following my retirement, Jerry gifted me with my first digital camera. As someone who had witnessed the atrocious effects of family violence and sexual abuse on so many innocent victims, I welcomed the opportunity to see and capture people, places and things that would fill my soul with peace and solace,” Dee explained. “It was with that camera that I began to photograph and chronicle life as I saw it. My journey, through the lens of my camera, began. Little did I know that fine art photography would soon find me.”

Dee moved from Wichita Falls over 25 ago, but moved back to the area in 2010. Shortly after returning, she visited her grandparents old homestead in the Irving Community of Jefferson County and felt the strong desire to capture memories of her childhood. “I soon realized that both sides of the Red River were home to a rich history built by men and women of faith and fortitude whose stories I was compelled to share through my photography,” Dee stated.

In 2017, Dee began offering her photography for sale. “In my heart (with cautious expectations) I was hoping that my work would be seen, appreciated and relatable to others. I never imagined that taking that ‘leap of faith’ would result in opportunities for me to share some amazing stories,” Dee stated. “I now realize and understand that there is an essential element that differentiates between good pictures and those I consider fine art photography worthy. That element is the ability for me to reflect in my photography, the story that I see in my mind’s eye; evoking an emotion or a memory. Those emotions or memories, as shared with me by those who appreciate, relate or comment on my work, has been confirmation that indeed: Fine art photography has found me.” 

They opened the gallery two years ago this month. Soon after opening they added estate sale items, unique home décor, seasonal décor and gifts. They realized more room was needed and  remodeled the middle room of the building adding a lady’s boutique featuring UMGEE clothing. This also provided room to display their original (circa 1899) doctor’s buggy. Dee also displays local children’s artwork in the boutique area.  Alli Eck is the current artist whose work is displayed.

“Thank you, Waurika and Jefferson County for welcoming and supporting us. We appreciate your patronage,” Dee said.

Red River Valley Fine Art Gallery Owners


124 S Main – (832) 314-4688

Notes: This story is part of series on Waurika businesses sponsored by the Waurika Chamber of Commerce and its Shop Local Waurika Program. We will add stories periodically and we hope you enjoy them.  To read more stories like it go to www.waurikachamber.com/shop-local-stories and find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WaurikaChamber/.

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